Skrewdriver \"Boots and Braces/Voice Of Britain\" cd
  • Back With a Bang
  • I Don't Like You
  • Built Up, Knocked Down (1979)
  • A Case of Pride
  • Breakout
  • Tearing Down the Wall
  • Boots & Braces
  • Antisocial
  • White Power
  • Smash the IRA
  • Shove the Dove
  • Sick Society
  • Voice of Britain
  • On the Streets
  • Invasion

Listen to: Sick Society

i got this cd free from byron .it is a must have for any skinhead .a truly grand cd. ...

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The original white power band. Skrewdriver is a must have for any skinheads, nationalists, and racialists. ...

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If your all about white pride then get this CD. I think all skinheads should get this CD. ...

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Love the "rap sucks" hoodie. thanks for the stickers and everything too. I put them all over my truck ...

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I agree with the other comments below. I pruchased this and the 'Blood and Honour' CD for only thirty bucks! ...

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Great cd and excellent sound. Super fast delivery. ...

Rated by Jason

Played it as soon as I opened it up. Beautiful music straight from the legend himself. 1488. ...

Rated by Christopher

This is a classic and must have for your listening pleasure. ...

Rated by Ryan