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Guns don't kill people, niggers kill people.

I heard some twit on the radio a while ago trying to convince the listening audience that guns are the cause of all of the murder in America. Her opponent was arguing that violence in the media was the real cause of violence. I find this type of thing fascinating, because it is all pure and utter bullshit, and the American public falls for it every time. Two people who appear to be at opposite ends of the political spectrum ("left" versus "right") put up a 'fight" replete with interruptions, raised voices, name calling, etc.....The listeners get all riled up and call in vehemently supporting one side or the other. Of course, both of the debaters were intentionally misleading the audience by using "straw men," which are fake targets set up for people to expend their energy knocking down in order to prevent them from seeing the true picture. Guns cause shootings like airplanes cause hijackings. And while the media is a destructive influence, it cannot explain the crime rate. For example: One of the women on the radio debate I heard was using 2 cities (Windsor, Canada and Detroit, Michigan) to prove that guns cause crime. Her theory was that Detroit and Windsor are only a few miles apart and so the inhabitants of both cities had access to the exact same TV and radio shows, as well as the same cinema, and yet in 1999 there were 396 murders in Detroit while Windsor, being in Canada where there are no guns allowed, only had 8 homicides. Well, I decided to do a little research, and I found out that Detroit has a nigger population of 82% while Windsor is only 2% black. Wow, that is simply fucking amazing, I thought it was the guns that caused all of that murder. Well, let's not be hasty. Let's check out the theory scientifically. If it is guns that are the real cause of people getting shot and the only reason more people get shot in Detroit than in Windsor is because guns are legal and available in the U.S. but not in Canada, then we should assume that if guns were legal in Canada the same levels of shootings would occur. And we would also assume that if guns were outlawed in America, there would be almost no shootings here. So what about arson? I mean, they have matches in Canada don't they? Cigarette lighters are legal there? So there should be about the same number of intentionally set fires in both cities right? Nope. In Detroit (82% black) in 1999 there were 2,121 arsons. In Windsor (2% black) there were about 120. Hmmmm, that's odd. Well, what about automobile theft? They may not have guns up there but they have cars, so we can compare those numbers. In Detroit (82% black) in 1999 there were 25, 892 car thefts, while in Windsor (2% black) there were 53. Son of a bitch! Not only do guns cause shootings, but cars cause carjackings! You can look at the table below to see for yourself. Included is the rate per 100,000 population to account for the fact that Detroit is a bigger city than Windsor.

WINDSOR (2% Black)
Type of Crime Total # of Incidents Rate per 100,000 Population
Aggravated Assault
Car Theft
DETROIT (81.6% Black)
Type of Crime Total # of Incidents Rate per 100,000 Population
Aggravated Assault
Car Theft
**It's actually much worse. The Detroit police have been caught falsifying rape (and other) statistics.

Not to bore you with statistics, but this one is interesting. There is a thing called the Relocation Crime Lab Index. It measures the crime of a city using 100 as the national average baseline. So if your city has an index of 50, then your city has half the crime of the national average. If a city has an index of 200 then it has twice the crime of the national average. The table below shows the 10 Whitest and blackest cities in America (with a population of at least 100,000) along with their respective indexes. You can look this stuff up yourself by going to Homefair.com and clicking on the "crime index" section. You type in the city and it tells you what the crime index is, unemployment rate, etc....good way to find a nice town to live in.
Anyway, this table is pretty self explanatory.
10 Whitest Cities 10 Blackest Cities
% White
% Black
Livonia, MI.
Gary, IN.
Cape Coral, FL.
Detroit, MI.
Boise City, ID.
Birmignham, AL.
Independence, MO.
Jackson, MS.
Cedar Rapids, IA.
New Orleans, LA.
Sioux Falls, SD.
Baltimore, MD.
Warren, MI.
Atlanta, GA.
Manchester, NH.
Memphis, TN.
Springfield, MO.
Washington, DC
Scottsdale, AZ.
Richmond, VA.
Of course, when you point out the facts, you hear all kinds of bullshit excuses. My favorite one is, "Crime is caused by rampant poverty." Right. Poor Leroy is starving on the streets of America and just has no choice but to turn to a life of crime. How come when they break into your house at night they don't steal your groceries? I'm just not sure how the murder and assault rates can be explained by poverty. Or rape. How does sexual assault and battery improve a person's economic situation? What about arson? Look at the first table above and tell me, what the fuck does "being poor" have to do with arson? Is there good money in burning shit down or something? I mean, I know the kikes used to get rich by burning down their own warehouses for the insurance money. That was called "jewish lightning" in the old days. Maybe the niggers heard about that and got jealous so they set everything on fire and sat back and waited for their check. Somebody had to explain to them that not only did they not have insurance, but that they have to actually own the building that they burn down in order to get paid. Torching other people's buildings doesn't count. I just fail to see the connection. You know why? Because there is no connection. Wait, yes there is. You want to know the connection between poverty and crime? You spend all day and night looking for people to beat, rape, rob and kill. Then you look for stuff to break, steal or set on fire. You don't have time to work. Now you are poor. That's the connection. Poverty causes crime my ass. Was O.J. broke? Hell, Rodney King got like 50 million dollars for a well deserved beat-down, and he still can't act right. He has been arrested for drugs, hookers, assault, drunk driving, you name it. You remember that jogger in Central Park years ago that was beaten half to death and gang raped? They hit her in the head with a brick so hard her eyeball exploded. Those niglets that did that weren't even from the 'hood, they were upper middle class blacks with well to do, well employed parents. Their parents worked in big office buildings with White people who probably referred to them as the "good blacks." Great, we put all that time and trouble and effort to tame and educate a few of them and put them in suits and ties and teach them to act White and speak proper English, but look at their kids, out "wilding" on the Humans. You can teach a dog to shake hands but I have never seen a dog teach it's puppies to shake hands.
When you discuss black on White violence you will sometimes hear that, "They don't single out White people, most black violence is against other blacks." Hey, guess what, I don't give a shit. Does that mean I can smack your wife in the mouth and say, "Hey, don't worry about it, I smack my own wife, too." I don't care what they do to each other. Most shark bite victims are other sharks, but hey, when a shark bites a person it's a different story isn't it? Sometimes the blacks complain because more niggers are on death row for killing Whites than for killing other niggers. So? Dogs can bite each other all day, but when they bite humans we shoot them. Who cares what they do to each other? They say that most rapes, muggings, robberies, assaults and murders are simply random crimes of opportunity that are committed against people who live within a mile of the perpetrator(s). Well, that's a good reason to keep niggers at least a mile away from you. I mean, if some crackhead is going to rob somebody in his own neighborhood, then I don't want them in my neighborhood. Besides, most White violence is against other Whites, but that doesn't stop the government from passing ridiculous hate crime laws against us, even though we are the overwhelming majority of the victims of interracial violence. I have heard liberal types say crap to the effect that if you are the victim of a crime, it is racist to be more offended if the perp is a non-White. Well, it is more offensive when we are victimized by them. The excuse for the passage of hate crime legislation is that singling out a victim based on race "sends a message." (I personally think that if thumping muds "sends a message" then it should qualify as free speech, but that's a different story.) Let me see if I can say this the way I want to: Look, niggers kill each other every day of the week, but if a White cop shoots one, there are riots, special investigators, trials, sensitivity training, etc....so I mean, it is considered perfectly legitimate for them to be "more offended" at a particular killing, depending on who is doing the killing. That's like fags. Did you know that the majority of violence against homosexuals is committed by other homosexuals? Domestic violence in the "gay" community is off the hook. If you are a faggot, you are much more likely to get your ass kicked by another poofie than by a straight guy, but look at the reaction when we beat the shit out of a few of them here and there. Special hate crime laws and everything. Hell, if they want to reduce violence against gays, they should go after the gay community itself. The same with "minorities." Violence against minorities is committed by....minorities. The point is not to reduce violence against "gays and minorities" but to find another way to jam the White man. This is kind of funny, you remember Jeff Dahmer? (The guy in Milwaukee who kidnapped, sodomised and ate niggers and gooks.) One of his teenage Vietnamese victims escaped and ran down the street naked and bleeding from the ass. By the time Dahmer caught him, the cops had showed up. Having come under attack by the homosexual activists for their "heavy handed" handling of gay domestic violence and been forced to undergo sensitivity training, the cops were scared to do anything. Since the slope couldn't speak English, the cops believed Dahmer when he said it was a "domestic dispute," and they told him to keep his hysterical boyfriend inside the house. He did, ha ha.
Another example is the phony wave of black church burnings a few years ago. Did you know that the number of church arsons actually went down that year? Not only that, but fully one third of them were being investigated as being intentionally started by the black preachers themselves for insurance (hey, "black lightning!") or attention or whatever. It was totally a media-induced phenomenon, but when a few drunk crackers went out and actually did torch an empty black church in the middle of the night, they got 25 years for it. The average sentence for raping a woman is only 6 years in America, and these guys got 25 for arson. It's like if they burn their own churches, that's cool, but if we light one up, we get the max.
The problem is not so much the blacks or the crime, or the hypocritical laws and propaganda or the rest of it. The problem is us. White people. The blacks are smart enough to see themselves as a group. They recognize that an attack on one is an attack on all of them. They may have problems in their own community, but if an outsider crosses the line extraordinary measures are needed. That is a healthy way to react. I read the jew bastard Alan Dershowitz's book, "Chutzpah" a few years ago and he talked about the way jews promote and defend themselves above all others. He said that he told his Yiddish grandmother that the Dodgers had won the World Series, and she looked puzzled for a moment and then asked him, "Is that good for the jews, or bad for the jews?" I have more respect for that old jew bitch than I do for the majority of my own people these days. She sifted every event, no matter how insignificant, through the filter of jewish survival. Before she formed an opinion about anything, she considered it's potential effect on her tribe. That rocks. We used to be that way, and one day we will be again, and our enemies had better hold on to their asses.

Whenever we let our ability to create a comfortable lifestyle for ourselves outpace our self control we have paid the price. For example in Rome, we hired mercenaries to fight our wars for us and brought in slaves to perform the manual labor that we had done ourselves for thousands of years. We became too civilized to defend ourselves and Rome fell. In Portugal we let the Moors in and it took 400 years to get them out. If you ever get a chance to read Caesar's war diaries, do it. He gives detailed accounts of Teutonic tribes that didn't allow traders to pass through their territory, not wanting their people to become accustomed to trinkets and fineries. They also made every family in the tribe live in crude homes without roofs, and everybody had to exchange houses once a year. The reason for all of this was to keep the tribe from getting accustomed to a nice cozy homestead and lose their lust for war. How many of us could do that? They realized that we live in a world of either defeat or constant struggle. The people that rest to enjoy a tenuous victory is a people defeated. Shit, I read about George Washington's troops marching for miles through snow with no shoes, leaving trails of blood. Once their boots gave out, they could either wear a shirt, or they could rip it apart and wrap each half around a foot. That is hardcore. I tried to see how far I could walk in the snow barefoot when I lived in Minnesota one time. I made it (almost) to the sidewalk and ran cussing back to the house. We have squandered the civilization that our ancestors fought and died for. They cared more for us than we care for ourselves.

Truth: Our race is unique and irreplaceable, and we will continue to vanish off of this planet in the exact same proportion to which we allow ourselves to be convinced otherwise.
Shit, how many people do you personally know who agree with you in private, but wouldn't want to come out of the "racist closet" for fear of offending that cool black guy they work with? We are being hunted down in the streets and we still don't want to offend our enemies. Jesus, if you added up the combined wealth of blacks in America, they would constitute the 10th richest nation on the planet, ahead of some European countries. Blacks in America have the longest lifespan of any blacks on the planet. In fact, the blacks that live among majority White populations anywhere on Earth have the best education, the best hygiene, the most wealth, and the longest life expectancies of any other blacks in the world. Look it up yourself. With "enemies" like us, who needs friends?

When black cops formed the Fraternal Order of Black Police, did they worry about offending the White cops? Nope. When we let the niggers not only vote, but run for office, and they formed the Black Congressional Congress, or Caucus, or whatever the fuck it's called, did they give a shit if that offended the White politicians or White voters? Nope. When niggers win a lawsuit and force a White University to let them in, what's the first thing they do? They start a Black Student Union. Think they give a fuck what you think about it? Nope. To paraphrase George Orwell in The Road To Wigan Pier, "With loving though slightly patronizing smiles we set out to greet our black brothers, and behold! our black brothers...are not asking for our greetings, they are asking us to commit suicide." Did you know that White men commit suicide in the same proportion that black men commit murder? They turn their frustration outwards, we turn it inwards. We are committing racial suicide. We have been convinced that our presence on this planet offends our fellow humans so, being polite, we prefer to simply disappear. Fuck that. I want to live, goddamn it. We have to be careful, though. When Daniel Boone was captured by Indians, the Blackfeet, I think, he built up his trust in the tribe until they would let him go hunting on his own, since he was such a good tracker and marksman. He was plotting his getaway and would cut his bullets in two pieces, trusting in his ability to bring down a deer with half a bullet while saving the other half to make good his escape from his vicious captors, which he eventually did. I feel like we are all shooting with a half a round. We have to be careful. Racist White men have a tough row to hoe, and we have many enemies. An argument at a gas station with a wetback may result in a 6 year prison sentence if you punch him in the nose and verbally remind him that he is a wetback, as happened to a guy in Florida last year. Or if a known black rapist comes to a Spring Break bonfire to hit on White girls and your buddies, who happen to be Skinheads, happen to crack a bottle over his head, you might happen to be sentenced to 4 years in prison for violating the state's new anti-gang law (which the state's citizens were terrorized into passing in order to combat the state's exploding nigger crime rates) even though you didn't even happen to see the fight, as happened to Greg a couple years ago in California. [Even though the prosecutor admitted that Greg didn't see the fight, he convinced a jury that Greg's presence at the bonfire "contributed to the "gang's" "mentality"] Or maybe you go to a gas station in the shitty part of town after a concert, and get murdered in front of 30 witnesses, as happened to Joe a few years ago. Your Wife and Children may spend their lives widowed and orphaned but the 30 witnesses happened to be Skinheads, and therefore not "credible", so the nigger in that case was freed after 2 nights in jail and the chief of police of Racine, Wisconsin declared that Joe had gotten what he deserved for being a "hatemonger."
The point is, we have to be careful. We have to win a war that most of our own people don't even realize is being waged. They won't be able to afford the luxury of their ignorance much longer, though, and then the day will come when they learn that there is a price for everything, and they will have to pay.

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