"I just jumped on to see how you guys are doing and to check out what a great job you guys are doing with the site. Project Schoolyard is a great idea!"
No Alibi

"This is something many people have wanted to do for years. The dream is finally a reality. This project will open new doors and turn many new faces on to our music and ideology. Some great bands are featured here with some very different musical styles to appeal to most peoples indvidual taste in music."
Final War/Aggressive Force

"This music is top-notch rock and roll. With 'Project Schoolyard' we can bring our music from the underground and expose these great songs to many. If you don't like it, fine. But listen for yourself and MAKE UP YOUR OWN MIND! These songs are 'the best, by the best, for the best'"

"Bad ass. We'll take a bunch of them."
Keystone State Skinheads /

"Music soothes the savage beast, but it also can wake a sleeping beast and motivate it to crush its oppressors. Help our young people awaken with Project Schoolyard."
-Billy Roper
White Revolution /

"Final Conflict magazine and politicalsoildier.net support this endeavour wholeheartedly and call on all White patriots and schoolchildren to help support this wonderful initiative! What better way to thwart the obscene ramblings of the race-mixing teachers and Federal government 'experts'? Let's all get White Power in the schoolyard!
"The staff at englandfirst.net would like to offer their support to Project Schoolyard, as a helpful step in returning America to the hardworking White people who founded a once-great land!
"Final Conflict is more than willing to help this project get going in the UK by shipping in these Cds. It is so vital that every effort is made to reach a new audience and get new blood into the movement."
Final Conflict Magazine / politicalsoildier.net

I am glad to see Panzerfaust putting out this kind of effort to reach kids. I remember when I first went to middle school and suddenly I was surrounded by the great 'diversity' our community afforded me. I became racially aware, but I keep most of my feelings to myself. It wasn't until later in high school that I first heard bands like Skrewdriver, and realized that there are others who care about their heritage like myself, enough to put it into music. It wasn't a message about hate as much as self-preservation, determination, and most of all pride. This is what I try to put into the music I create. It is not about alienation, it's about truth. I will gladly be a part of this project.
Those Opposed
/ http://www.thoseopposed.com/

"Ill order 200 and we're going to push this hard as it's one of the best ideas I've heard from someone within our movement since Ian's day. "
Blood and Honour / http://www.bloodandhonourworldwide.co.uk/

"In these days of turmoil, white children need a beacon of hope so they know they can rise instead of letting themselves slip into the jew sponsored cesspool of nigger anti-culture. There is nothing cool about self-hate and self-destruction. We need to promote the alternative, if we don't, then we can't complain when we lose more of our young folk to the cesspool. I don't like to be overbearing, but I will share with younger folk when I feel they will be receptive. Remember, there is a whole generation of us who were spurred on to express our feelings and fight for what is right by a third or fourth generation tape of Skrewdriver. "
Jeff "bosco" McManus

"In regards to Project schoolyard, we endorse that project 100%. We plan to commit to buying 200-300 for us to distribute to start with. An awesome idea! When those are gone, we will order more. You can count on us to assist in this meaningful project, and thanks for putting the wheels into motion on this one. As soon as they are ready, let me know and we will order some. 88! "
Jeff Scheop
/ www.nsm88.com

"Yeah it's awesome...This is the type of shit we should have done years ago."
/ http://www.h8machine.com/

"I think this is a wonderful idea to spread the sacred message of our Race's survival in these dark & dismal times...As we enter further into this Faustian Age of the demonic influences of judaisation & White degredation, this project will, hopefully, let many of our Youth out there know they are not alone & not forgotten; that there CAN be a light at the end of this long, dark tunnel of heterogeneous depravity..."
CHS Regional Rep

"This has been a long time coming, we are glad to see that Panzerfaust has stepped forward to make it a reality. It's not just about music, it's about waking up a whole generation which has been poisoned against it's own people and culture - Project Schoolyard is a strike back."
-Golden State Skins-

"Count on White Nationalist Family and Pantheon Publishing to buy 500 CD's - to be handed out at shows, rallies, etc. This is a great project. I urge everyone to support this endeavor for our youth. They are the future of our race's survival. 100 CD's for fifteen bucks. THAT is a great deal.
If anyone ever wanted to do something for our race, this is a good place to start."

White Nationalist Family and Pantheon Publishing

"I think the CD distribution idea is great, I'll definately be buying a bunch to pass out around here. There are plenty of White kids in this area that are sick and tired of being pushed around by the mud scum and these cd's will let them know they aren't alone."
N.E. Regional Security Director
The Creativity Movement / http://www.creativitymovement.us/
Massachusetts Chapter

"Great idea with Project Schoolyard, keep up the great work, I'll be ordering samplers to give to our White youth, I know my four kids are looking foward to helping."
Ron Doggett

"I put a link up to Project School yard on the Aryan Nations Youth Action Corps site. Project Schoolyard USA is a Brilliant idea! I think it is a wonderful thing you guys are doing, and I believe it is going to bring us many new recruits. With these Cds and some good literature I believe we can make a huge impact on the troubled youth of today. My high school really needs these cds and I am sure most of America's high schools need them with the non-white "gang" problem, drug problem and the many other problems with our youth. I am also really pleased to see that you had a Day of the Sword track. We need to promote a Christian message to the youth as well. I am encouraging all my units of the ANYAC to take part in this excellent program. Panzerfaust is truly a movement friendly organization, and contributes much to our movement. Keep up the good work guys!"
So Cal Youth Leader / http://www.anyc.tk/