Project Schoolyard USA

In the spring of 2004, German patriots announced their plan to produce 100,000 sampler CDs containing German nationalist rock and roll and distribute them to youth in their country. This effort, Project Schoolyard, was examined by lawyers to make sure that none of the music violated Germany's oppressive laws against free speech. Although everything was approved, the project received much hysterical media attention, and the CD was outlawed by the German government. Every CD factory in the country was contacted by the government and warned not to produce the now "illegal music." Every school in Germany was contacted by police and told to be on the alert for anyone distributing the forbidden CDs. It looked like Project Schoolyard had been shut down, but on Friday, September 3, 2004, the increasingly popular far right political party, NPD, put out a press release that a new CD had been arranged, a factory had agreed to produce it, and that 25,000 of the discs would be handed out all over Germany by volunteers on the weekend of September 4th and 5th. Since the government does not operate on weekends, the soonest that they could outlaw that CD is first thing Monday morning, but of course, they will all have been distributed by then.

As an expression of the increasing level of international solidarity and cooperation between White nationalists, Project Schoolyard has crossed the Atlantic and is being continued here in the U.S. Panzerfaust Records is pressing 100,000 copies of a pro-White sampler CD to be handed out to White youth from coast to coast in every state, including Hawaii. Volunteers from every pro-White group and organization in the U.S. have signed up to assist us in this project, as well as numerous unaffiliated individuals, consisting mostly of our customers/supporters who are high school students themselves. These CDs will be handed out in middle schools, high schools, university campuses, shopping malls, sporting events, mainstream concerts, parties, etc…

For those not currently involved in Project Schoolyard, these discs will be available at for 15 cents each or 100 copies for $15. This will be a radical 70 minutes of pure White Power Rock and Roll, with the track list representing those songs that I know have the most mainstream appeal to those whom we want to focus on reaching, namely White kids between the ages of 13-19. As Panzerfaust has been increasingly making inroads into mainstream circles, the reaction I usually get from new kids is that our music blows away anything they hear on MTV. Beyond the musical superiority of our bands, they are amazed to hear people sing about things that these kids have been taught to not talk, or even think, about. Most kids are not aware that this music has been criminalized in Europe, and that there are those who are attempting to do the same here in America. I usually point out the hypocrisy of racist rap "music" with its blatantly anti-White lyrics being prominently featured on CDs produced by huge music companies, while we are harassed and excluded from popular culture. Most White kids have an inherent sense of fair play that is offended by this type of discrimination. Music, especially taboo or forbidden music, has an incredible effect on White kids who are sick of the failed social experiment of multi-culturalism. Their schools and neighborhoods are becoming increasingly dirty, dangerous and foreign, and most adults either can't explain why this is happening, or are afraid to talk about it.

While we have never done anything of this scope and magnitude before, we know the impact that is possible when kids are introduced to White Nationalism through the musical medium. Our opponents are aware of it also, and here are a few quotes I found on the Internet:

Mark Potok / Southern Poverty Law Center: "I've heard testimonial after testimonial from people who have been in the white supremacist movement….. who have said, "believe it or not, the music was the single most important thing to me."

Gail Gans / Director, Anti-Defamation League, on pro-White music: "It's a way of bringing kids into the movement. It's a recruiting tool."

From the Southern Poverty Law Center: Four years ago, an Interpol study revealed that the manufacture, distribution and sale of white-power music had become a $3.4 million-a-year criminal enterprise outside the U.S., with profit margins higher than those for the international hashish trade.

Very interesting. They outlaw music so that they can describe it as a "criminal enterprise" and thereby employ standard crime fighting techniques and resources to declare war on anyone who listens to it. By ridiculously comparing it to the drug trade, they set the stage for denying that they are violating our right to free speech by claiming that it's simply a matter of "enforcing the law." Well, maybe their comparison to the hash trade is accurate in this respect: Prohibition didn't work with alcohol, it doesn't work with drugs, and it won't work with music.

Help us make a difference, and support Project Schoolyard. These discs will be available sometime this month.

If you have any questions or comments regarding this very important project, please email [email protected].