Rhodesian Special Forces 3-G shirt
Under White rule, Rhodesia was once the bread basket of Africa, exporting food to the entire continent. After being betrayed by the United Kingdom and the USA, Rhodesia declared independence and fought a war against communist terrorists. Unfortunately the terrorists were aided and funded by the rest of the world, and Rhodesia was turned over to the enemy.

The minority White population who weren't raped and murdered escaped Rhodesia before it became Zimbabwe, a third world hell hole where millions of blacks are now, of course, facing starvation and are almost entirely dependent on food aid from the West.

The Rhodesian Special Forces fought against the odds for years, being known as one of the most efficient fighting forces in modern warfare.

Ink design is 3-G Perma-Fused on 100% cotton black Gildan brand t-shirt or long sleeved shirt.

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