KOTC  \'Hero\' t-shirt
KOTC KKK 'Hero' t-shirt

White ink on front of 100% cotton t-shirt. Your choice of black or red shirt.

Klan trivia
There is ample documentation of cases in which Unionists, seeking revenge for wartime harassment, used their new positions to jail their old enemies on trumped up charges. On the vaguest rumors and hearsay, cavalry units calmly put the torch to the homes of citizens. Vengeful Unionists formed the Loyal League, ostensibly to suppress crime, keep order, and maintain discipline among the Negro population. In fact the Loyal League acted to intimidate political opponents and ex-Confederates. It was in response to this type of behavior that the Ku Klux Klan was established.

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This shirt contains scenes from the graphic novel 'Knight of the Cross' (copyright Tightrope Records) which you can read for free online HERE.

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