Condor Legion shirt
In the beginning of November 1936, 6500 German volunteers arrived in Spain who wanted to support General Franco in his fight for the liberation of nationalist Spain from bolshevism. These volunteers, the Condor Legion, were transported to Sevilla, where airplanes, antiaircraft batteries, signal equipment, weapons, and motor vehicles stood ready at their disposal.

These heroic German volunteers and their aircraft were able to achieve air superiority over the Soviets and their allies. They bombed ships, submarines, bridges and other enemy positions and assets, as well as deliverying troops and supplies to the front lines.

During one 6 week period alone, the Condor Legion dropped 2500 tons of bombs and fired 1.13 million rounds of machine gun ammunition, 22500 rounds of 8.8 cm. shells and 31480 rounds of 2 cm. shells.

The grateful Spanish people rendered homage to the bravery and discipline of the German comrades who sacrificed everything to come to the aid of their European brothers and sisters to defeat the red peril.

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