38th Waffen SS Division Nibelungen pin
The 38th SS Division 'Nibelungen' was formed in March 1945 from the staff and students of the SS-Junkerschule at Bad Tölz.

It was first given the title of the SS-Junkerschule Bad Tölz Division, but was renamed the SS-Division Junkerschule and finally the 38th SS Grenadier Division Nibelungen.
This name was selected by the commander of the cadet school Richard Schulze-Kossens and comes from German mythology. The name Nibelung comes from the root *nebula-, meaning cloud, mist, or fog, or *nibila-, meaning low, deep, or dark.
This derivation frequently assumes that the name originally referred to mythological beings and means something to the effect of 'beings of mist'.

These nickel plated metal hat pins are one inch high and have a standard butterfly clutch on the back.