Arrow Cross  patch
Arrow Cross patch
This patch is three inches in diameter.

The Hungarian Arrow Cross Party was founded by Ferenc Szálasi in 1935 as the Party of National Will. It had its origins in the political philosophy of pro-German extremists such as Gyula Gömbös, who famously coined the term "national socialism" in the 1920s. The party was outlawed in 1937 but was reconstituted in 1939 as the Arrow Cross Party, and was said to be modeled fairly explicitly on the Nazi Party of Germany. The Arrow Cross emblem was an ancient symbol of the Magyar tribes who settled Hungary, thereby suggesting the racial purity of the Hungarians in much the same way that the Nazi swastika celebrated the racial purity of the Aryans.

After WWII thousands of loyal Arrow Cross soldiers were persecuted, jailed and executed for trying to save their nation from the ravages of Communism.