Tightrope Mystery Package
We did a test run of these with a few of our favorite customers and it was such a hit we thought we'd open it up to the rest of you.

These Mystery Packages might have anything in them, you never know. Do you trust us? You might get cool shit, you might hate it, who knows, life is short, take a chance.

If you've ordered from us before you know how we like to add in all kinds of extras, so you know you'll get more than you paid for.

If you want a shirt, include your shirt size in the comments section when you check out. You might get a shirt, you might not. It's all a fucking mystery until you open the package.

We aren't really doing requests, so don't get crazy, but you can always mention in the comments section that you are in college and don't want anything with Swastikas on it or something, but who are we kidding, you know you want Swastikas.