NSDAP SS Armband
NSDAP SS Party Member Armband - Cotton.

Probably one of the most indicative pieces of insignia associated with the Nazi Party is the swastika armband. As worn by the majority of all NSDAP members, soldiers and civilians alike.

The SS Version differentiates from the regular amband by being bordered top and bottom by a further two rings of black cotton material.

As well documented, the Swastika did not start it's life as a sign of German Nationalism but a previous use was that of a Nordic Rune and Pagan symbol for the God, Thor. It wasn't until the 1920's when Adolf Hitler adopted Swastika and started using it for the NSDAP.

In one form or another the armband was worn by all groups and organizations under the banner of the NSDAP.

The armband is made from a three piece construction of a black cotton Swastika mounted on a white cotton disc which in turn is stiched to the red cotton body of the armband itself finished with top and bottom border stripes denoting the wearer as a member of the SS

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