Johnny Rebel \'It\'s The Attitude, Stupid\' cd
Johnny Rebel 'It's The Attitude, Stupid'

Track List:
It's the attitude, stupid -- Niggers suck-- Affirmative action (Click HERE for MP3)-- Reparations-- Nothin' but niggers-- If I could be a nigger-- Jesse showed up-- Send 'em all back to Africa-- Quit yer bitchin' niggers-- Nigger-in-law --

No, Johnny Rebel is NOT David Allen Coe.

After being ripped off and bootlegged for decades, Johnny Rebel decided to allow Tightrope Records the honor of designing and producing his long-awaited second album. "It's The Attitude, Stupid," will prove to be as popular with his fans as all of the other infamous Johnny Rebel classics that have been heard by millions worldwide since the 1960's.

Great. Really enjoyed listening to this on the highway today. ...

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Johnny Rebel tells it like it is and with some old country music. Love it. ...

Rated by Christopher

Best shit out there keep it coming ...

Rated by Nick

Fantastic He tells it like it is. ...

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